Our Total Yard Protection plan is a five-part system:

  1. Inspection... we inspect your yard and look for conducive conditions and areas that will harbor mosquito adults as well as larvae. 
  2. ​Fogging... we fog your entire yard using penetrating equipment to make sure we treat all vegetation heavily and getting into every area that a small mosquito can find. This includes treating under decks and sheds, all landscaped areas and patio areas.
  3. Granules... we granulate those heavily planted areas to give an extra layer of protection. These granules repel mosquitoes that try to move back into the treated area.
  4. Standing Water... we treat all standing water with a larvicide that is safe for birds and animals, but targets the larvae of the mosquito. 
  5. Report and Recommend... finally we will report back to you when we are finished with any recommendations that we may have that will help increase the success of every treatment and the enjoyment of your yard. Click HERE to contact us today!

Total Yard Protection

Mosquito Control From Austin to San Antonio!

Mosquito Misting System

Mosquito misting systems are professionally designed and installed around your property. These state-of-the-art systems rely on a perimeter of tubing and nozzles that are fed by a reservoir. This system is controlled via remote and can even be monitored by an app on your preferred device. Call us today to have one of our system designers visit your home and design the system specifically for your yard or commercial space. Click HERE to contact us today! Providing mosquito control from Austin to San Antonio and all places in between!

Mosquitoes have become one of our biggest problems here in Central Texas. We are seeing an increase in mosquito-borne illnesses and the additional threat of the Zika virus has really made protecting your family from these pests critical. The control of these flying problems has never been more important and Buzz Busters specializes in mosquito control utilizing two options, a seasonal total yard protection plan or a permanent mosquito system that is professional designed and installed (or in some cases a combination of both).