Mosquito Control

​Now, more than ever, the mosquitoes in our area are not only a nuisance, but a serious health threat as well. We've dealt with West Nile and now we have Zika to contend with. Let Buzz Busters come out and get you started on the path to a mosquito-free zone! We have seasonal and permanent solutions for your property. We will inspect your yard and recommend the best options for you. Click HERE for more information or HERE to CONTACT US today!

Our Service Solutions

Pest Control

​Stop spraying chemicals by the gallons around your home! It is not necessary to use a spray rig with 50-100 gallons of chemical to adequately treat your yard for those pesky ants, roaches, and other creepy crawlers! Years ago the method for pest control was spray large amounts of chemicals outside and then walk around a home and spray every baseboard with more chemical. This practice has been outlawed in some states and still practiced by out-of-touch companies that are just going through the motions not concerned about their customer's health, the health of the environment or their own well being!

We practice integrated pest management (IPM) that includes identifying the issues, using the correct strategies to get rid of those issues, and using the right materials at the right times. We use low and reduced impact materials in conjunction with green materials to get the best results and minimize you and your family's exposure to unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

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Rodent & Snake Control

​Rodents not only are destructive, they carry disease and create quite the mess! Let Buzz Busters take a look at your problem and create the best plan of action starting with exclusion to keep them from returning and monitoring and trapping to get rid of the problem and keep the problem from returning.

We have a trained snake person on staff that will come and remove any and all snakes from your home or property. We live in rattlesnake country and certain times of the year we really see them get active especially as it cools off at night. Call us to come and remove these critters so we can relocate them to an area better suited and away from people.

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